disadvantages of being an occupational therapist
Disadvantages of Being an OT. It is not easy to be an occupational therapist. You need to be a graduate in occupational therapy from an approved school. In addition to this, some prerequisite courses, and other requisites such as clearance of national certification exam are also essential. Following are some advantages and disadvantages of being and Occupational Therapist: Advantages: Occupational therapists are in demand so there will not much difficulty in finding a job. Working with the different clients and helping them achieve their goals gives opportunity of meeting new people. Occupational Therapists have few disadvantages. One could be working with mentally disabled people. They could be very frustrating to deal with. Occupational therapists also need to perform physical work. Lifting a rather heavy person in order to perform rehabilitation tasks is no advantage. 2. An occupational therapist has many pros, in which they can feel as sense of fulfillment after treating and seeing a patient's recovery. Additionally, occupational therapists jobs can be much more creative than other healthcare professions. Benefits, Outcomes and Drawbacks of Occupational Therapy What are the Benefits of Occupational Therapy? Few disadvantages are associated with being employed as an occupational therapist. Occupational therapy (OT) jobs are constantly in demand around the globe, and OT workers serve an important role in improving the quality of life for patients and their family members alike. However, amongst the many benefits, there are a couple of challenges that occupational therapists and occupational therapy It's important to weigh the benefits and disadvantages of any career. See how the pros and cons of occupational therapy assistant careers compare. Pros and cons of being an OT. ... Would any of that count towards volunteering experience even though its not directly related to Occupational therapy Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a COTA versus an OT. What are the advantages and disadvantage of being an Occupational Therapist? Our guest blogger shares the benefits of being an OT and how she knew it was right. ... Benefits of Being an Occupational Therapist. Disadvantages of Being a Physical Therapist by Nancy Wagner . Although there are some disadvantages of being an occupational therapist, the advantages far outweigh the sacrifices involved. Before we look at the pros and cons of being a physical therapist, ... and disadvantages that come with ... of Being an Occupational Therapist; What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Physical Therapy Assistants? Choosing a career of Occupational Therapist has many benefits. Being a psychologist can be rewarding, but there are also downsides to consider. Discover the disadvantages and challenges that psychologists face. The Best and Worst thing about Being an OT. Occupational Therapist jobs forums. Disadvantages of Being a Physical Therapist. Consider the disadvantages before you pursue a career in physical therapy. Nov 9 9 Unforeseen Reasons I Love Being an OT. ... Sarah Lyon is a occupational therapist with a passion for producing content to Being a therapist has one of ... What are the pros and cons of majoring in physical therapy? Answer Becoming a physical therapist can have many advantages.One of the advantages of becoming a physical therapist is that you can opt for. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of a career as a psychologist. The Pros and Cons of having a career as an Occupational Therapist I was very fortunate to interview an Occupational Therapist by the name of Sharita Brown. Advantages and Disadvantages of the Home Setting for Therapy: ... occupational therapy or physiotherapy, ... commented that being relaxed during therapy Sometimes being a travel occupational therapist isn't all it's cracked up to be. The Best and Worst thing about Being an OT. Occupational Therapist jobs forums. Hear what the pros have to say about being a occupational therapist and what it takes mentally, emotionally, and physically to succeed in the field. List of Pros of Being a Physical Therapist. 1. Being a professional physical therapist, ... 10 Top Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Education Occupational therapy can be beneficial to people of all ages, from all walks of life.