list of 2002 dog films
... "You Lucky Dog." You are now viewing all Dog Movies on the PetMoviestars website, ... (2002) Loading ... 0 . While films involving dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals are included on this list, those concerning mythical creatures, such as dragons or vampires, are not; however, films concerning anthropomorphized animals (such as Scooby-Doo), gigantized animals (such as King Kong), mutated forms of real animals (such as Anaconda), or fictional hybrids of real animals (such as Sharktopus) are considered to be films about animals, and are thus featured on this list. ... made a list of some movies featuring German Shepherds. VOTE The Greatest Dog Movies of All Time . Movies not on this list. Join NOW TV today. List of 100 Greatest Animal Movies including the year, animal description, main actor involved with animal, or narrator. Inferno (2016) Miles. Box Office Budget: ... Disney Sports Films. Tags: movies like Dog Soldiers (2002) - full list 21. Check out the top 10 German Shepherd Movie List! List Rules Films must be about dogs or feature dogs / puppies as major characters. Here is the list to learn about 10 best films about dogs. Assassin's Creed. English . 30 Of The Greatest Movie Dogs Nothing makes a movie better than having a really cute dog as the star (or supporting role). GREATEST MOVIES: 2000-2017 by Dr ... including animated films, released this century. List of Dog Movies. Movies not produced by Walt Disney Pictures are not on this list, even if they distributed it. ... Shepherds are a common breed in Hollywood films. List of British films of 2002 Cinema of the United Kingdom; List of ... Dog Soldiers: Neil Marshall: Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd: Horror: The Escapist: Gillies MacKinnon: ... 2002 by Walt Disney...more. The Legend of ... Top 50 Best Movies of 2002. The 100 best French films: 20-11; ... Mum's List. More To Explore The 100 best French films: The list ... Pot Luck/ L'Auberge Espagnole (2002) ... Lisa-All Seasons Dog Walking W. View Mode: ... track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! ... Movies for Kids. Movies similar to Dog Soldiers (2002): Wilderness, The Breed, Feast, Predator, Outpost. Features cast and crew details, goofs, trivia, photos, plot summary, and links. Language. So Here is the list of top dog films: 50. XXX (2002) All ... XXX is one of those films that should've never been made in the first place. Some lists contributed by Alain Stimamiglio, ... Mad Dog And Glory (John McNaughton) Country of Origin Canada, USA . ... Dog Eat Dog. Snow Dogs (2002) ... 18 January 2002. Here is the list to learn about 10 best films about dogs. ... "You Lucky Dog." With a no contract service you can watch top films online instantly. This list is completely subjective ... by the yapping sound of a near-by dog. I've used American titles for the films.") Most Popular Feature Films Released 2002-01-01 to 2002-12-31 . Hollywood has produced some of the best dog movies. A list of our favorite top PG and G rated movies about dogs for kids and family. Read Time Outs definitive 100 Best French Films list as voted for by 150 French film legends.